Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mobile phone buying guide

Buying a Mobile Phone!

Obviously, you will look for a feature-loaded phone in your budget. Buying a phone is always an exciting moment. You must be thinking of buying a best phone in a pre-decided budget. Mobile phone is very personally gadget.Personal things are always valuable asset. Nowadays, cell phone has become a status symbol. People are investing good portion of their income on buying a stylish and feature-loaded phone.  However, one can easily get a feature-rich phone in small budget.  

Let us know some important points to be considered while buying a phone. 

Feature: Focus on features that you need. If you need a phone just to make call and text, you should buy basic phone. If you need a phone for self entertainment, a low-end multimedia phone will serve your purpose. If you are music lover, passionate photographer, you should consider a high-end multimedia phone with dedicated music feature and at least 5MP camera. If you want to use your phone for email or business tasks, you should go for a business phone. A business phone should feature push email, document editor, corporate email and Outlook email. 

Talk time & standby time: A good cell phone should have at least 3 hours of talk time and minimum 5 days standby time

Battery: Various types of batteries such as Li-Ion and Li-Po are available. Li-Ion batteries are considered best. A good cell phone has 1000 mAh battery. So, you should buy a phone which as at least 1000 mAh battery. However, if you are picking a basic phone, an 800 mAh battery will also work.
Software: Your phone should have latest software. A good phone has at least 512 MB RAM and 600MHz processor

Friendly user interface: The user interface of cell phone should be interactive and intuitive. Menu should be easily understandable. 

Dedicated buttons: Most of the high end phones lack dedicated buttons for different activities. A good high-end multimedia phone should have dedicated camera button (Nokia N8) and music keys (Sony Ericsson walkman series phone). Some of the mobile phone OEMs are also providing messaging button (Nokia Touch and Type X3-02), search button (Motorola Milestone XT800), and Facebook button (HTC Salsa, HTC ChaCha).


Weight: Nobody likes to lift a cell phone with great effort. A good cell phone is light in weight.


Look: YES, look matters! Mobile phone comes in variety of form factors such as flip, bar, slider, side slider, and swivel. Each form factor has its unique characteristic. Choose a form factor that you want. Phones are available is large number of colors. Pick a color that suits your style and personality.

Hope, you will be able to pick best phone according to your need and budget.


Enjoy buying a new phone!


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